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The introduction of the dust removal equipment


(impact crusher ) Gas atomization is the use of compressed air for atomization of water at the same time, it can produce high frequency sound waves, the water fog is two times crushed. Well to fog and dust particle collision tape capture probability, improve the efficiency of dust removal.

[sound] gas atomization and dust removal equipment of gas atomization and dust removal device is mainly composed of acoustic sound insulation. Gas atomizing nozzle dust cover, water pipe, pipe, valve and other components. Water and gas pipelines are connected with gas atomization of dust acoustic system and water supply pipe and a gas supply pipe. The dust removal principle is appropriate, when opening the water valve and compressor the valve, gas atomization nozzle sound began to work, because the air driven gas atomizing nozzle with acoustic sound generator to generate high energy acoustic waves. In effect, two sprays of water atomized into fine mist particles. The emblem of a small particle size and high density of fog particles filled the entire space in the back breaking, improve the collision of the fog particles and dust and contact, while high frequency energy acoustic vibration to air strong spray area, fork increases the fog particles and dust particles collision and agglomeration effect, so as to achieve the purpose of efficient dust removal.
[Conclusion] Only for the dust source dust particle size distribution to select the reasonable equipment, dust removal technology and equipment 400 calls for want, which can effectively reduce the dust concentration, improve the working environment. The sound of gas atomization device has the advantages of simple structure, low cost, convenient maintenance, good dedusting effect, can be widely used for different sources of dust to dust.