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Install and improve casing liner of impact crusher


 A impact crusher liner not only plays the role in crushing limestone, but also protect the casing, so the casing lining quality maintenance of the whole equipment is very important. From the internal structure of impact crusher, the machine lining board is not good at four points:

First, there is no lining area;
Second, the gap between the lining plate is too large
Third, the shell lining board material not wear-resisting
Four, the casing lining plate is thin
[add shell lining pull]
Sans area of the impact crusher mainly refers to the second counter plate after casing and two on both sides of the lower part of the rotor casing without lining. Both sides in order to be able to in the area is provided without lining board, the new machine installation after a month to open the hood check lining area shows where the surface pitted dense. The party is often affected by the impact of limestone areas in these places should be like lining area as the shell is provided with lining board fixed on the shell bolt, it is conducive to the protection of housing.
Narrow gap, repair wear groove
The original design of the casing lining board is arranged between the large gap, from the operation of the machine, lining gap of bare shell subjected to impact wear between limestone is very serious, there are basically groove weld groove. Therefore, taken after the hand wheel is higher than the surface of the polished shell weld protruding part, and then increase the shell lining the size of the board, panel gap reduced to 5mm.
[improved material, increase the thickness]
The original shell lining plate is made of A3, thickness of 15mm, the liner wear, short life, waste steel, and increase the maintenance workload. In order to improve the degree of wear of casing liner, reference material back lining plate and the plate hammer board the casing liner material to the casting of high manganese steel.