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Introduction of easily damaged parts of impact crusher


 Impact crusher as a heavy duty mechanical equipment, there will be a lot of accessories. One of these accessories is the hammer, which belongs to the counter wearing parts. What are the main reasons for the damage of these parts? For details please see below for explanation:

1, Drill of impact drilling machine is made of Mn13, 15kg, which often fall off in the bottom of the hole because of difficulties in pulling up, then into the crusher when blasting the stone.
2, Since the plate hammer and the hammer seat connecting flat head bolt is multi channels of purchase, it is difficult to guarantee the quality, resulting in the plate hammer bracket and screw does not match, not coincide with the flat head bolt, the hammer will be loose after running, , causing the rotor vibration, the individual hammer bracket of uneven stress, the stress concentration at the crack or destroyed bracket, bracket and turn off the plate hammer or other parts caused by the destruction of chain reaction.
3, Board hammer and hammer seat plate is positioned on the concave convex method of convergence, because the rotor plate hammer bracket. The repeated repair deformation geometry and size changes of the concave convex anastomosis is not real, loose quickly assembly running.
4, rotor casting porosity, sand hole, slag and other defects. The feeding size design specifications sometimes exceed the requirements of 450mm, overload will damage plate hammer bracket.
Maybe a lot of people are not clear for this, because it is the industry they never contacted and so they cannot understand. But this is not a reason to stop us to move on. No matter the future will encounter many difficulties, we will not retreat, then attach great importance to filtering machine factory production has now achieved good results. This is a good start to remind people to keep their responsibility. What is your hope in the future life or work to provide beneficial help.