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Our mobile crusher adds upstart and lead construction waste resource utilization


In the construction waste recycling, the construction waste recycling equipment people has been gotten concerned. Juxin Machinery has a wealth of mature technology research and development experience as an earlier batch of enterprises engaged in construction waste treatment equipment research and development. Under the constant change of the construction waste treatment situation, only the technological innovation can keep the enterprise's own advantage. In order to meet the more flexible, more intelligent, more environmentally friendly urban construction waste processing requirements, we in develop the new construction waste crushing station particularly.

And different from the former device, obviously this device is more emphasis on automated production and environmental performance. Especially increase the special drum screen configuration can effectively separate construction waste plastic, wood and other light substance, which greatly reduces the intensity of human work, to achieve a convenient and efficient mode of construction waste prose. Beside this Juxin Machinery considered about the customer's early equipment investment, adhering to the principle of resource optimization and design production of 60 tons of small production equipment which become more practical and convenient.