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Juxin mobile crusher improves the efficiency of construction waste disposal


Juxin mobile crusher station is the most effective, the most convenient construction waste disposal equipment, with the automation, touch screen can make the construction waste into recycled aggregate concrete, raw materials of new wall materials, filling materials for the road base. Produce in situ reduce transportation cost and avoid the secondary pollution, combination of several types of equipment, production of a variety of recycled aggregate and reuse.

The construction waste treatment equipment -- mobile crushing station has the characteristics of system integration, good innovation, production of the entire production line is closed and the production line is equipped with dust and iron removal equipment. It achieves high productivity, stable operation, zero emissions. And the computer full braking control, touch screen operation makes work safe and reliable as well as energy saving and environmental protection. The comprehensive performance has reached the advanced level of international similar system with remarkable economic and social benefits.

Mobile crusher station is a kind of efficient crushing equipment by using a self-drive mode, advanced technology, full-featured. In any terrain conditions, this equipment can reach any position of the work site. This can reduce the processing of materials, and it is convenient to coordination auxiliary mechanical equipment. Through the manipulation of the wireless remote control, it can be very easy to put the broken machine open to the trailer and transported to the work site. Because there is no need of assembly time, so the equipment can immediately begin to work when it reaches to the job site. Mobile crushing station has big crushing ratio, the optimization design can meet technical characteristics need of crusher most with high productivity and uniform grain size.