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The mobile crusher to speed up the recycling rhythm of construction waste


Construction waste disposal method has two categories currently: one, the new building waste sites, construction waste landfill or dumping to the fixed place; two, recycling of construction waste, construction waste crushing, grading after preparation of slag soil, recycled aggregate, recycled sand, bricks and other building materials recycled board, then used again to the construction project.

The mobile crushing station is the main way to construction waste recycling in the future of construction waste disposal, because it can solve a lot of waste land, pollution problems and create a certain value as well as reduce the development of mine resources, protect the ecological environment and some mountains.

Mobile crushing station is one of the most commonly equipment for construction waste recycling, it can move freely, flexibility and convenience is very high, it not only can do on-site disposal of construction waste, local use, but also can be applied in the yard of the recycling of construction waste, which reflects the high degree of mechanization.