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Introduction of the stone crusher and sand making machine in the sand production line


According to the different level of highway and railway construction, so requirements on the quality of sand stone are also very different. To improve the quality of sand stone is an inevitable choice for the sand stone factory. In the process it is essential to choose stone crusher, sand making machine and other aggregate production equipment. The aggregate production process is as follows: blasting rocks after crushing jaw crusher preliminary crush stone, then the impact crusher or cone crusher for crushing medium processing according to the hardness and yield, finally through the sand making machine processed produce the standard sand particles, wet sand washing is required the cleaning process of sand stone machine; finally, formed clean and high quality sand stone for building.

Of course, according to different local conditions, the channel can be directly used in gravel or cobble directly processed in some areas, according to the size of stone concentration and optional equipment include: Jaw crusher、the jaw crusher of the European version, cone crusher, sand making machine and so on. Of course, according to the actual condition of material. One set of equipment includes vibrating feeder, conveyor belt (belt machine), vibrating screen and sand washing machine. Generally, crusher production company will according to the actual situation of customers in product collocation, the largest industrial crusher equipment to achieve efficiency, so we recommend investors to listen to the stone machine manufacturers recommend, select reasonable production line configuration.