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Dust and dust prevention work should be done well for the heavy hammer crusher


 Now the state of environmental protection requirements more stringent, the scene in stone production line does not allow the emergence of a large number of dust, which we need to do the work. How to do well dust and dust prevention work for the heavy hammer crusher

1. must be strictly in accordance with the rules for safe operation of equipment maintenance and use, operation and use of reasonable methods can not only prolong the life of broken hammer to improve production efficiency, but also can effectively reduce the breakage due to irregularities caused by unnecessary dust pollution.
2. strengthen the motor maintenance, regular inspection of motor bearings, etc., can improve the crushing efficiency, reduce dust pollution.
3. according to the characteristics of the feed rock, carry on the regular open cover inspection work; in time to master the internal wear of the broken cavity.
4. regularly check the transmission of the triangle belt and the degree of wear and tear, to ensure the smooth transmission of power and material to the uniform.
5. the use of hammer crusher after a period of time, regular inspection and cleaning cabin debris, clean the body.
6. wear parts must be replaced in a timely manner to avoid grinding damage and rotor body; wear parts replacement, to ensure the same weight, to maintain a good balance of the rotor, reduce production efficiency, resulting in unnecessary waste and pollution.
7 if the conditions permit, you can also purchase professional dust removal equipment, reduce dust pollution.