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How to install and debug PC series of hammer mill crusher


Hammer mill crusher is one of  the most popular mining crushers, so China Juxin Machinery has lead a large market all over the world. Now we introduce the right method to install and debug PC series of hammer mill crusher.
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Before installing PC series of crusher, choose the best working area according to the place of the raw materials. The anchor bolts fix the crusher machine on the concrete foundation stably.  When desiging the concrete foundation, pay more attention on the dishcarge chute with less 50° inclination angle. According to different feeding and conveying equipment, different users can design it by theirseves.

The direction of the motor must be opposite of the feeding opening, and its place  can not impede the normmal running of crusher machine.

Before texing the hammer mill crusher, check all the fasteners are fully tightened. Check whether the body falls unbreakable metal or other debris. Check whether there are appropriate bearing lubricant. Load can be carried out manually rotating the rotor, to see whether it is normal, with or without friction phenomena, if confirmed unimpeded movement when empty before start, no noise test half an hour later, no wobble, bearing temperature does not exceed 30 ℃ test. More benifits to our users of hammer mill crusher.