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2015 loss of the whole China's Machinery Industry can not stop the progressing pace of Juxin hammer mill crusher


In the half of 2015, according to the related datas, the whole China's Machinery Industry has a large loss, this situation makes many small and medium enterprises collapse or persistent loss. With the serious struggle for nearly 10 months, we wait for our hope. After the trip to Korea, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang brings hope and dream to the China's Machinery Industry, China Juxin hammer mill crusher will try our best to seize this opportunity.

As we all know, the economic globalization and the information society makes increasingly competitive market, and the customer demand is becoming more diverse. Faced with the challenges of international competition in the domestic market of the cruel situation and new technologies, new processes required to obtain the survival and development, China's Machinery Industry must be listed with the fastest speed, best quality, lowest cost, best service, to meet the different customers more convenient, more sophisticated, more efficient, lower-cost product demand.

In this situation, Intelligence is a trend of construction machinery development, So far, China Juxin hammer mill crusher Machinery have the intelligence put into production practice, whereby construction machinery products have a new opportunity for development. To achieve intelligent manufacturing and product intelligence, there is still a long way to go.