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The important lubrication and maintenance knowledge of China Juxin hammer coal crusher


For the heavy-duty mining machine, especially for hammer coal crusher and other grinding machine, the running with high speed can easily damage the main working parts of mining machine, so China Juxin Machinery tell you the important lubrication and maintenance knowledge of China Juxin mining machine.
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1.The lubrication action: It mainly used to reduces friction, reduce loss and improve equipment efficiency of hammer coal crusher;
2.The "five fixed points" for the lubrication of hammer coal crusher: fixed operater, fixed points, regular time, fixed amount, fixed quality etc;
3.Under the different working surfaces and working conditions, the lubrication has these varities: hydrodynamic pressure lubrication, boundary lubrication, half liquid film lubrication;
4.According to the Viscosity Grade, the lubrication oil are divited: light, intermediate, and heavy lubrication oil;
5.How to judge the lubrication oil: viscosity index, viscosity ratio, viscosity-temperature coefficient etc;
6.What is a solid lubricant for China Juxin crusher? Which a few kinds are divided into?
Is the use of solid lubricants solid powder, film or composite materials as lubricating material.Into the soft metal, metal compounds, non-metallic and other four kinds of inorganic and organic matter.
7.Lubrication methods and devices according to the supply of lubricant lubrication points are divided into which two kinds of form?
Divided into separate lubrication and centralized lubrication.
8.What call oil mist lubrication?What is its advantage?
Oil mist lubrication is through the oil mist lubrication crusher machine, oil flow into mist and diffuse to the lubrication part for lubrication, its advantage is to receive any good effect, and can send out a lot of heat on the friction pair, reduce the working temperature, take away the abrasive dust and tiny dust particles, reduce fuel consumption, etc.
9.What factors need to consider when choose grease for China crusher?
Need to consider the temperature, speed, load, environment and other factors.
10.Grease is made up of which a few parts?
By the base oil, thickener, stabilizer and additives.