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The strategic development direction of China mining hammer coal crusher industry


In the process of the historic leap which China become the strong manufacturing country from the huge manufacturing country, there are still some restriction factors, such as environmental and resource problems etc. In our country, all the pollutants are from the manufacture. As the professional hammer coal crusher manufacture, China Juxin Machinery devote ourself to developing our strategic emerging mining manufacturing industries.
GreenManufacturing-GM is the developing trend of the mining hammer coal crusher manufacturing industry in the 21st centry. That means in the premise of the high function, quality, cost of products, China Juxin Machinery consider modern manufacturing model of environmental impact and resource efficiency. It makes the China Juxin crusher products from the design, manufacture, use to scrap the entire product life cycle does not produce environmental pollution or minimize the pollution of the environment, accord with environmental protection requirements.
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Saving resource and energy of China Juxin hammer coal crusher make the highest utilization rate of resources, low energy consumption, and make the enterprise economic benefit and social ecological benefit coordination optimization. By improving manufacturing process, the recycling and reuse technology, building integrated methods of circular economy industrial chain to realize green manufacturing.
Intelligent manufacturing (IntelligentManufacturing - IM) is a kind of intelligent machine and human experts composed of intelligent man-machine integration system, it can intelligence activities in the manufacturing process, such as analysis, reasoning, judgment, planning and decision-making, etc.
It can update the concept of hammer coal crusher manufacturing automation to extended to the flexible and intelligent and highly integrated. Intelligent manufacturing system will be ultimately from a human-machine harmony system to major decisions to machines as the main body of the independent running change.
China Juxin crusher manufacture believe that the future of machinery will be dominated by information, so we try our best to become the new machinery manufacturer which is with use of advanced production mode, advanced manufacturing system, advanced manufacturing technology and advanced management mode.
For China Juxin hammer coal crusher and other mining equipment, the information technology will promote the modernization of design technology, manufacture motors, rapidness, flexible and intelligent automation technology, network, intelligent, globalization of the whole process of manufacturing. All kinds of advanced production mode is also supported by the development of intelligent information technology. Intelligent information technology will change the way the design of the mechanical manufacturing, production mode, management mode and service mode.