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Mobile hammer coal crusher widely used for crushing construction waste


In recent years, for the urban construction, highway, railway and other basic measures, that accelerates the building sand demand growth, varieties and quality of sand and gravel also are put forward higher requirements.
Mobile hammer coal crusher can cut the construction waste into sand aggregate. China Juxin mobile cusher has the feature of environmental protection and energy saving, in the crushing process, it can low the noise and reduce the dust efficiently.
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According to the relevant data, the number of construction waste in our country has accounted for 30%-40% of the total municipal waste. A lot of people choose to cobble sand, pebbles etc, because of the building sand by China Juxin mobile hammer coal crusher, simply by outgoing source and long distance into is not long, because of shortage of resources and strengthen environmental protection is everywhere face subject. 
Brick, stone, concrete and waste are crushed by China Juxin hammer coal crusher, they can replace sand, used for masonry mortar, plaster mortar, concrete pad etc, and it can also be used to block making, color brick road brick, beautiful case, the shop brick and other building materials products.
Mobile hammer coal crusher has the capacity, maximum limit content construction waste processing requirements. Because construction trash content of complex, stack space is limited, the traffic is not very, then, general equipment is difficult to deal with. Mobile crushing plant flexible configuration, can according to the actual design modification or special mobile crushing station, so it's very suitable for construction waste broken.
According to the type of material and the selection of coarse crushing, finely screening system, China Juxin mobile hammer coal crusher can fulfill the complete single unit independent course, and it can also be flexible composition system configuration unit joint work.In a 500 - ton / 500 square meters of scale, in 2020, our country will also be new construction area of about 30 billion square meters, the new construction waste will be produced a stunning number. 
Mobile hammer coal crusher is used for construction waste crushing processing application is more extensive, the comprehensive utilization project has been used in the production of construction waste, investment prospect is very considerable. And China Juxin hammer coal crusher is for the integration of group work, can to the first line of the crushing of materials, from the material transported from the scene and then crushing, processing of the intermediate links, greatly reduces the material transportation capability.