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The characteristics of manganese ore and its progress in the mineral separation plant


Althrough there are many kinds of manganese ores, the basic beneficiation method is the same with the weak magnetic iron ore beneficiation method. Also, China Juxin hammer coal crusher plays the important role in the mineral separation plant. And the unique points are listed as below:

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1.In China Juxin Machinery, there are many kinds of dressing equipment, and China Juxin dressing equipment are usually used by the combination. China Juxin hammer coal crusher is the very important crushing machine in the plant.
1)the crushing of the manganese ore: China Juxin hammer coal crusher can crush the manganese ore into the pieces, that improves the grade of manganese ore. The crushing process reduce the unnecessary consumption in the mineral separation plant.
2)the washing of the manganese ore: in manganese ore beneficiation process,  the washing of the mar nganese ore are the key important process. For some rich oxidized ore, the homework can obtain high taste the final concentrate. There are some ore dressing after washing for the next assignments. That not only can improve the ore quality, but also significantly improve anterograde of each activity.
3)Beneficiation process is divided into graded re-election, strong magnetic and flotation and so on, which can obtain all kinds of concentrate grade goods.
4)In addition to the special minerals or disseminated extent is thinner and need some associated elements, to continuous mill to a fraction. But in front of the fine grinding also as far as possible in the case of coarse discarding gangue or selected part concentrates.
5)The microgranular carbonate manganese ore beneficiation and slime recovery is the current popular topic. the abroad, because manganese ore resources is concentrated, so the size of the mill plant is compared commonly big.As the Soviet union for processing 30 million tons of raw ore, in 19 factory processing, including nico Bohr's wave rove mill plant size reached 6 million tons, annual output of 2.6 million tons of ore concentrate.Truett island dressing plant for processing 2.5 million tons of run of mine ore, ore concentrate production 1.25 million tons. According to the different areas of manganese ore, China Juxin Machinery will make a new sale program of hammer coal crusher.
3.The high quality of the fina products. Outside of manganese manganese content in the crude ore grade is high, the separation effect is good, the product quality is high.Such as South Africa manganese ore after crushing, washing, manganese content in the product reached 40-48%;Australia in taste by an average of 33%, 42-50% manganese content in the concentrate;Gabon manganese ore after heavy media separation manganese content in the concentrate of 49-50%;The Soviet union's wave rove concentrator processing containing 17.5% of manganese carbonate manganese ore, manganese content in the concentrate 28.6% (above 40%) after burn.
4.The high automation degree of China Juxin hammer coal crusher and other mineral equipment.
5.In China Juxin Machinery, we are always improving and updating our mineral equipment (such as the main crushing machine: hammer coal crusher)and our mineral separation plant process.
6.For deep processing of products: some manganese ore (or concentration), a new kind of development trend is to put the goods further processing or manganese ore products instead of the mineral exports, in order to improve the economic benefit.