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How to make the international market of crusher develop rapidly


1.All over the world, the merger and acquisition activity is increasing day by day:
In the Chinese crusher market, the top 10 mining machinery manufacturers in the world account for about 85% market share, and the control of the entire industry is concentrated in a small enterprise.
2.The growth of mining machinery market is accelerating state:
Among them, the demands of huge infrastructure in China is a main contributing factor. From 2008 to 2010, the Chinese crusher market sales of mining machinery in the world beyond the north American market sets up the market, in 2011-2013, China's mining crusher machinery production accounted for the proportion of total world production or permits up to 50%.
3.The stone mining machinery rental market developing:
In the UK, in view of the leasing company sales account for the mining machinery is 75%, the proportion of total sales in North America is 60%, France and Germany have reached 50% and 50% respectively. In China, the sales account of crusher is still far from reach this level, but after a few years, is likely to come this far.
4.The world's mining crusher machinery production and demand are in transfer to China:
Major manufacturers have set up factories in China, its main parts maker also are attracted to Chinese markets. China is a big obstacle of the development of mining crusher machinery quality parts are in short supply, there has been a change now.
In the view of many experts, from the world developing trend of mining crusher industry in the future, manufacturers can provide the ability to "a package of services" more and more important. These capabilities include whether the product is the production of full set, also including the manufacturer shall provide support and because many crusher sales will be achieved by loans.