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Some key factors for increasing the professing efficiency of jaw crusher


With the rapid development of international foundation construction, international market has a large demands, so China Juxin crusher(especially for jaw crusher) have been more and more popular in international market.
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In fact, the actual professing efficiency of jaw crusher is far away the theoretical processing efficiency. Now, China Juxin Machinery tell you ome key factors to increase the professing efficiency largely.
1.The choice of ore materials: When choose the ore materials, pay more attention on its hardness. For one crusher, tt's difficult to crush rather hard materials. At the same time, more harder materials will have more damagement for China Juxin crusher. So the choice of ore materials is very key for the customers.
2.The water content of ore materials: If the ore materials is with large water content, it's easy to adhere to the inner parts of crusher machine, or  block the outlet, so that the processing efficiency is reduced largely. Before crushing ore materials, the operater should make sure the water content of crushed materials.
3.The superfine particle size of final products: In the same time, the capacity of 10mm final products is higher than the capacity of 5mm final products.
4.The mixture of crushed materials: The ore materials with many powder are difficult to crush, cause these powder will make the transportation of ore materials more difficult, so the raw materials with powder should be through the process of screen, then send it to be crushed.
5.The viscosity of ore materials: more higher viscosity, more difficult for crushing.
6.The abrasion resistance of working parts: The working parts of China Juxin crusher are more wearable, its working efficiency is more higher.
China Juxin Machinery always regard the benifits of customers as goal, so we always think that to improve the quality and processing efficiency of jaw crusher is a very effective way to increase the benifits of customers.