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How to do when the impact crusher doesn’t work?


 Now the impact crusher are needed in a lot of material processing. Then we should must pay attention to if the malfunction is certainly is not good when we use the impact crusher.

The following for everyone to say some of the cause of the failure easily occur in the operation. We need to look at the quality of the top bolt when we choose impact crusher, many one with the poor quality so that will cause the object parts are loose, or direct fracture. This is most likely to happen. So when the purchase also need to pay attention to the bolt.
In addition, Juxin machinery, in fact we should pay attention to hammer, because most of the time the remanufacturing quality do not pass so that the problems will exist. And a little later use when in use or not when the maintenance methods, then it will be damaged easily. We must first fasten bolt when we use it.