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How to use the jaw crusher can have the advantage of energy saving and environmental protection?


Jaw crusher is the most ideal effective a device for crushing hardness and bulk materials in current iron ore mining, sand crushing industry of sand production line, sand production line in mineral processing industry and many other industries.With the implementation of the policy of energy saving and environmental protection,jaw crusher gradually develops toward to of energy-saving environmental protection.In the practical application of the energy saving and environmental protection of jaw crusher, the effect is not the same.So how should we use jaw crusher to achieve more energy saving and environmental protection?
First of all,according to the jaw crusher machine working principle to make the appropriate adjustment and the application of wear-resistant parts.Jaw crusher is a kind of crushing equipment which is broken by extrusion.It is very important to install and adjust the jaw plate when the material is broken.For example: the angle of the broken plate tooth peak is 90 degrees to 120 degrees, its size is determined by the nature and size of the broken material.If the crushing  material is large , the angle should be bigger; when  it is small, the angle should be smaller.The size of the pitch depends on the product size, which is usually equal to the outlet width, tooth height and tooth pitch of the ratio of 1/ 2 to 1/ 3.
Then the application of wear-resistant parts matching,due to jaw crusher crushing work environment is bad.The greater the block size of the crushing material, the greater the impact load on the jaw plate will be, which needs to ensure that the premise of jaw plate to improve the toughness of its hardness, of course, the jaw plate material should be different.And the higher the hardness of the material, the corresponding jaw plate hardness should be higher. For example: broken granite, quartz stone, gravel etc.
Finally, we should choose a good place and cooperate with some dust devices, reduce the pollution of the environment. Only in this way can we achieve the advantage of saving energy.