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How to select crushing equipment in stone production line


The crusher is an indispensable equipment in stone production line and it is also an important material crushing equipment. How should we choose more reasonable material crusher equipment?  Here we analysis from three aspects.

(1) the characteristics of raw materials

The hardness, gradation, mud content and water content of the raw materials are very important parameters. We should be selected different crushing and screening machinery for different raw materials.

The hardness of raw materials, we generally choose jaw crusher, cone crusher as primary crusher for the high hardness raw material, while we can choose impact crusher as the primary crusher when the raw material has low hardness.

 The material gradation will also affect the overall parameters, for the production of rock from the quarry blasting, we should choose the primary crusher according to the maximum size of rock; for sand gravel clip material, we should choose primary crusher according to the gradation curve and it should be equipped with pre screening machinery; if the raw materials has high sediment percentage and moisture content that it should be considered by wet grinding, sieving process. In general, we should select the form of primary crushing equipment according to the size of the raw material selection of equipment and the productivity of the process as well as the hardness of raw materials.

(2)Product quality requirements

The quality of the product includes particle size, product grading, particle shape, etc. And different projects, the quality of the product requirements is not same, the quality of the product is related to the processing and crushing machinery and production processes.

When the size of the product is smaller, the crushing ratio of the crusher is larger, the more the size of the product, the more complex the equipment.

Sometimes in order to more grades of gravel, we can set an independent screening machinery to grading. In many projects, the content of the dust in the crushed stone should not be too high which is harmful to the quality of the concrete. When the dust content exceeds the standard, we should add the cleaning process.

(3) productivity

Productivity is an important technological parameter of crushing and screening equipment. Productivity requirements include two parts, one is the size of the product's productivity, the other is the productivity of all products. For engineering practice, the productivity of each particle size product is more significant, so the actual needs of the project should be considered in the first consideration when we determine the productivity of the equipment.