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What kind of crusher is more suitable to crush the quartz stone in quartz sand production process?


Quartz stone is the crystallization of silica, which is one of the hardest and most stable mineral, in nature it exists as sandstone, quartzite and quartz rocks. Choose the appropriate crushing equipment is the key problem in order to get optimal, and save the investment cost for enterprises in the mineral processing.

Quartz stone is the main raw material for production of quartz plate, which can also be crushed quartz to be made of quartz sand, quartz powder, quartz stone products. Quartz stone hardness is larger, when we choose a stone crusher, we must take into account the wear of the machine, the use of inappropriate crusher will cause wear and  high operating costs.

As the domestic mining industry leading brands, our company specializes in R & D and production of large stone processing equipment, we have various types of aggregate production equipment, and our products has gained international quality certification, at the same time they can meet the different needs of the aggregate required in the construction of high-speed rail.