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How to design the sand production line


How to design the sand production line? Today Ju Xin will share these knowledges with you, At first, the sand production line process: first, the raw material preliminary crushed by crushing machine (coarse jaw crusher), then production into coarse material by belt conveyor to the sand making machine for further fine crush, after the stone into the vibrating sieve of three different sizes of stones, stones, super large size rocks back into the crusher, crushing again. The following are the specific process.

First, determine the reasonable location
Enterprise has a mining or new mining of the ore source quality situation, the plan is estimated to be 15-20 years, in addition to sand and stone field should be selected from the quarry near the place to reduce the transport distance of raw material.
Second, selection of plant location
1, the site should be away from the danger zone and blasting and safe distance must be in accordance with the relevant regulations which should be more than 200m from distance blasting
2, the site should choose convenient transportation and convenient transportation and supply the water source
3, the site should be far away from the town or district residents to prevent the effects of the daily life of the residents, if it should be set at lee side of the dominant wind direction in urban or residential area, and maintain the necessary protective distance.
Third, the total graphic design needs to meet the relevant provisions of the process, transportation, fire prevention, in addition to meet the requirements of the process. The overall design should be as compact as possible and economical use of land
Forth, environmental protection and energy saving and consumption reduction
Sand production line is bound to produce dust and noise, which will have a certain impact on the public, so choose the time to take these into account, as far as possible less dust and noise pollution.