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The production line of potash feldspar mineral processing process


The working principle of the mineral processing production line is: The potassium feldspar is crushed by a crusher, then crushed materials send into the drum sieve to separate. If the particle size is smaller than 6 mm, the particles will send to the mill ground into a fine powder, 20-200 fine powder material will go into spiral chute to separate and choose the sediment.

Remove the sediment after separating the materials to the table and wash out of ferric oxide; send ferric oxide material into strong magnetic selection and reselected machine to select iron and mica material, send the selected reselected universal suffrage material into high frequency vibration screen, remove ferric oxide and iron oxide to get potassium feldspar fine powder.

With sulfuric acid as the acid lotion, blending according to the iron content of the acid concentration and potassium feldspar powder. In the premise of sulfuric acid concentration was determined, potassium feldspar powder containing iron content and the addition of sulfuric acid is proportional to the weight, the pickling to completely get rid of Fe2O3 and Fe3O4 isolated ferrous sulfate solution, potassium feldspar powder, potassium feldspar powder into 20-200 mesh sieve, sieve material for iron content less than 0.24% finished.