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What should be done to the impact crusher when it becomes cold?


If you ask the others which season does he like best among spring, summer, autumn and winter, I think most people should answer: "spring". The summer is hot; winter and autumn are cold and dry. Not only we love the spring, the crusher love spring, too. But spring has been gradually in the past, winter is coming, how should we maintain the impact crusher?

1, for the sake of safety, the battery should be placed in dry ventilated equipment.
2, crusher should be placed on the flat and ventilated place a larger place, we should pay attention to strict on the device put any debris. Must be a month to start an engine, to see if there happens, what device of mining machinery, resettlement must first connect the positive line.
3, in low temperature conditions, we should always charge the battery, maintenance of the preheating device.
4, check whether the brake of the crusher is weak, deviation, brake pedal and brake to insufficient phenomenon, timely adjustment.
5,The last one is although there are some effects of low temperature on the impact crusher work, but as long as we can always pay attention to equipment and do good maintenance notice of it, some can also make the crushing machine work in low temperature environment normal.