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What aspects should be pay attention to when we choose and use the thin oil lubricant for impact crusher?


The lubricating oil for the impact crusher is indispensable in the working process and it should be changed regularly. If the lubricating oil  is used improperly, its efficiency will be reduced greatly.Now let’s have a look what aspects should be pay attention to when we choose and use the thin oil lubricant for impact crusher?
Firstly,the compatibility of seal material should be good for the thin oil lubricant of the impact crusher in order to avoid damage to the seal.The viscosity and mechanical properties of the oil should accord to the working conditions of the crusher, the mechanical conditions and equipment requirements, control the performance of the oil product, specification of the selection when we choose the thin oil lubricant.
Secondly, pay attention to the cleaning of oil lubrication system and do a good job sealing to prevent dust from entering in the lubricating oi.Can not be filled with different varieties of lubricating oil, or it will make the lubrication oil deterioration and cause the failure of impact crusher lubrication.
In addition, we must pay attention to the temperature of the oil return that the temperature value can not exceed 60 degrees. Control the temperature by adjusting the oil valve control the flow of oil or using of air cooling and cooling water method.
In the end, the lubricant of impact crusher is changed every three months.When we change the We need to clean the previous lubricant thoroughly and clean the lubricated system and the various parts.Then add into the new lubricating oil.
the above selection and application notes is very important for the normal operation of the thin oil lubrication equipment.So as to achieve good lubrication, reduce friction, reduce wear and reduce the consumption of wearing parts, reduce power consumption, prolong the service life of the equipment.