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Hammer mill crusher achieve the dreams--Green Mines without Tailings pond


Paste filling is always the goal which mining people have been pursuing. But in previous years, due to the shortage of this advanced technology, especially the core equipment, Green Mines without Tailings pond can not be implemented. At present, we have these related full set of mining equipment with advanced technology, especially for the new type hammer mill crusher, it achieves the goal of Paste filling, in the near future, Green Mines without Tailings pond is not the far dream.
PC series of hammer mill crusher
Green mining refers that the Exploitation of mining resources do not cause environmental pollution, to achieve mine reclamation after mining restore the original mine mine. China Juxin hammer mill crusher is one of main crushers which suits for medium and fine crushing limestone, coal and other brittle materials. It's widely used in metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, water&power and other industries. Its features is as below: big crushing ratio, large professing capacity, good particle size etc.

Hammer mill crusher plays the very important role in the project of paste filling. Only paste filling, to make Exploration genuine safety and environmental protection. Traditional low concentrations filling, mainly to the coarse tailings for filling, fine particles remain in Tailings pond pile. In fact, the fine particles in the Tailings pond remain very dangerous, greatly affected the stability of the tailings densification. The paste filling technology just need to take advantage of the thickness of the particles are mixed together, the real turning waste into treasure and zero emissions. Aixiang Wu said.

China Juxin Machinery will make our hammer mill crusher give full play to their roles contribute to a force for the project of paste filling. Let us work together to achieve the dream and create the future--Green Mines without Tailings pond.

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