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Artificial sand make the new type hammer mill crusher be the mainsteam in the mining industry


As the shortage of natural sand resources, new type hammer mill crusher(sand making machine) will be the mainsteam in the mining industry. As the continued developing of China's economy, a variety of large construction projects is gradually increasing, so the demand of the aggregate sand is also increasing. That results a lot of serious problems, in recent years the river sand massive, uncontrolled mining, resulting in sharp drop in river sand resources, harsh river environment, which triggered a series of natural disasters.
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Due to the scarcity of natural sand resources, some people turn to the idea of ​​playing sea sand. The use of sea sand can save half the cost, there are individual developers cut corners, intentional use of a large number of sea sand in construction, a direct result of the occurrence of various engineering accidents. In fact often excessive chloride ions sea sand, and water-reactive chlorine and iron ions in the salt chlorine generator ferrous hydroxide, while the release of chloride ions and hydrogen ions, so once chloride penetration into concrete, will play the role of polarization passivation film peeling steel surface to form a corrosion cell, so that the steel corrosion expansion lead to cracking of concrete falling, for now, use of poured concrete buildings, it would make the whole casting body lose structural strength, leading to the building floor cracking, wall cracks and other serious problems.

According to the foregoing analysis, China Juxin Machinery believe in that, the artificial sand will always be the mainsteam in these main industry. By the advantage, China Juxin hammer mill crusher will be one of the best sand making machines.

Why is the Artificial sand better than natural sand?

1. sand source wide variety of stone can be used for processing sand, can also use a variety of waste resources, proper sorting and processing tailings, tailings can use a lot of equipment made artificial sand gravel, both solve the problem of environmental pollution, and improve the utilization of natural resources.

2. Complete grading stage, stable particles can be adjusted according to demand with sand, grain shape control.

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