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2015 Mining Machinery Exhibition in Middle East Saudi Arabia--China Juxin Hammer Mill Crusher Machinery


As the main importing country of mining machinery, Middle East Saudi Arabia have successfully hosted the 2015 Mining Machinery Exhibition. From this successful Mining Machinery Exhibition, China Juxin Hammer Mill Crusher Machinery fully understand the market demand for mining machine in other contries.

This Show time is 27-29 October 2015, and the Venue is in Riyadh Prince Sultan Grand Hall. Saudi Arabia is the world's mineral-rich country, is one of minerals big country, its mineral few years at a rate of about 91% of the growth in recent, silver, copper, iron, zinc and other reserves are the most abundant, is Middle East's largest economic entity, so in this show, many Chinese large hammer mill crusher machinery went for it.
hammer mill crusher with Underframe and motor
From the sucess of this exhibition in Middle East Saudi Arabia, China Juxin Hammer crusher Machinery witnessed the Saudi Arabia's style, Sustainable development of mineral industry is an important economic tasks of the future development of Saudi Arabia, which makes mineral technology equipment supplier to get a new environment in the field of mineral processing, mining, equipment, technology promotion, metal smelting, transport, energy supply and environmental protection equipment and new opportunities.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia mining industry is seeking cooperation with international partners and investment in the following areas, including corporate mergers and acquisitions; technology transfer and innovation; provision of mining equipment and accessories; provide processing equipment and accessories; lease and purchase of mining equipment; occupational safety and health, safety and environmental protection shut mine; enterprise management consulting; the establishment of a broad platform of expertise and product sellers market.

China Juxin Machinery firmly believe that we will grasp these new opportunities, we must lead our hammer mill crusher to the top of mining crushing equipments all over the world. Sophisticated design, advanced manufacturing technology, first-class service, reasonable prices, these advantages are enough to make our hammer mill crusher lead the future market of the whole mining crusher industry.

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