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Solution for improving the producing efficiency of China Juxin Hammer Mill Crusher in the Stone Crushing Plant


Stone Crushing Plant is the most popular all over the world, and hammer mill crusher is the main crushing machine among the whole plant. So the high producing efficiency is key with China Juxin hammer mill crusher, so the right solution not only can improve the stone production line equipment production efficiency, but also can effectively improve the life of the equipment.
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Firstly, the main equipment in the stone crushing plant--hammer mill crusher must be installed by the best professional staff, or in the purchase of equipment, the enterprise installation professionals to the scene, so not only can improve operational efficiency and service life of equipment, to better ensure the safety of operating staff . Users should not install it yourself, if under special circumstances, you must install their own operating instructions must be strictly in accordance with the operating installation.

Secondly, pulp density material is a big problem, if the pulp content is too high, the overflow yield particles become large, if the content is too small, the density of the material becomes smaller, only pulp content is moderate in order to allow the device to play the best of hair, so appropriate control of the material content of the slurry can greatly improved production efficiency.

The feeding speed of vibrating feeder is also important for the producing efficiency of hammer mill crusher. If the feeding speed is too slow,  it will make hammer mill crusher idle, also resulting in waste of resources and energy;  if the feeding rate is too high, it will clog the main crushing machine, when it's serious, it can cause equipment downtime or loss of hammer mill crusher.

According to the user's Guide, the right usage of the hammer mill crusher is the best solution for improving the producing efficiency of the whole stone crushing plant.

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