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Casting Process of the modern hammer -- China Juxin Hammer Mill Crusher


Hammer is the main working part of hammer mill crusher, so its quality is key to the crusher's lifespan. Depending on the nature of work, the overall hammer can be classified as a hammer handle with hammer end in two parts, and different parts have different performance requirements.

Hammer handle is required with integrated mechanical property requirements, a certain degree of strength and toughness, and wear of the main part of the hammer is a hammer end, thus requiring a hammer end having a strong abrasion resistance. For high manganese steel hammer, use a single high-manganese steel wear-resistant material, one high-manganese steel material consumption, high production costs; the second is the difference between the hammer handle processing performance, especially connecting hole can not be processed. For the production of high chromium cast iron hammer, due to the high chromium cast iron poor toughness, a single material production of high chromium cast iron hammer, also has the disadvantage of easily broken and processing difficult. Deal with the problems, workers in recent years developed a variety of metalworking hammer composite casting production process, including cast-and dual-metal composite casting.
Juxin hammer mill crusher
1.Cast-composite hammer
Cast-composite hammer means that the whole hammer has two parts ie hammer handle and the hammer end. Hammer hammer handle and ends are manufactured using different materials. First, a material with a hammer or hammer handle prefabricated end, and then hammer or hammer handle end of a pre-fabricated pouring into the mold of another liquid metal casting molding.

Part of the pre-hammer, then poured another part of the hammer formation. Prefabricated steel hammer handle is generally used, often used in the carbon steel ZG35, ZG45, it can also be made use of reinforced curved profiles directly type hammer handle, then casting molding end hammer, hammer end material generally used in high-chrome cast iron. Another method is to pre-hammer end, after casting hammer handle. Hammer and hammer handle end of material selection, a combination hammer handle material selection, such as ordinary carbon steel ZG25, ZG45, selection of high chromium cast iron hammer end; Another combination is hammer handle high manganese steel, high manganese steel hammer end carbide parent mosaic block.

2.Bimetallic composite casting two liquid hammer
Double metal composite casting process liquid is first poured into the mold to a certain thickness of the first molten metal, and poured into high-temperature molten protective agent to prevent the binding sites of high temperature oxidation, at a certain time interval and then poured into the second metal liquid.

① high chrome cast iron + high manganese
When using whole EPC vacuum casting process, dilute hydrochloric acid is placed after washing and drying of steel in appearance EPS obtained, the material is Q235A, the shape of a box-shaped structure, open at one end, requires casting high chromium cast iron is not melting wear , first pouring high chromium cast iron and high manganese steel casting. This process is the production of composite hammer, high manganese steel hammer life expectancy has increased more than three times the crushing coal.

② high chrome cast iron + steel
Process as follows: after the hammer head shape of a dovetail groove-shaped material is placed in the cavity of A3 steel, the cavity into two compartments each closed in two parts, the separator having a thickness of 1mm, a separator prior to use in addition to be rust and other purification process, set up two gating system, the two metals were injected fluid. Comparison on crushing limestone materials, high manganese steel hammer life expectancy has increased more than 2 times.

With the quality hammer, China Juxin hammer mill crusher will always lead the mining crushing industry.