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How to reduce energy consumption of hammer coal crusher do harm to human


With the enhanced awareness of environmental protection and energy crisis, people are more and more strict to the requirement for energy consumption of mining machinery equipment. At the same time, how to reduce energy consumption of hammer coal crusher do harm to human, that's the main topic which many customers and manufactures go after.
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First of all, in the process of crushing, iron and other things should be prevented into the crushing cavity. The crushed materials in hammer coal crusher must meet the breaking requirements, and the strength of crushed materials must be within the maximum intensity of China Juxin coal crusher.
When the feeding material after broken mix together, there are all kinds of uneven phenomenon of material strength. In the crushing process, materials with strong strength can provent the materials with weak strength, so that reduce the crushing and size of the weak materials. And due to the intensity of the crushing cavity plate stress is not uniform, can eventually lead to uneven wear plate, affect the normal work of the crusher.
Therefore, in order to improve the working efficiency of Juxin hammer coal crusher, force situation improve equipment spare parts, and give full play to the function in the process of laminating crushing in broken, in the process of production should try to ensure the uniformity of feeding material strength requirements.
To sum up, in the crusher sereis, the feeding materials are more close to blocking layer, they can satisfy the best requirement of feeding layer, China Juxin hammer coal crusher can realize the purpose of saving energy and reducing consumption largely.