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What kind of the test-running to make sure the normal runnning of jaw hammer coal crusher


For any customers, the test-running of jaw hammer coal crusher is very normal and key, cause it's the standard to test that if the machine can run normally. Now China Juxin Machinery takes some tips about the test-running.
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Jaw hammer coal crusher is very common crushing machine in the mining machine manufacture industry, and its quality has the direct influence to the quality of the final products and its own crushing efficiency. So before the machine leave the factory, the test-running of hammer coal crusher is the key to test its quality, and it's also reponsible for our own customers.
It's necessary to test the machine according to the operating request, but the test-running machine is not the normal running of China Juxin hammer coal crusher: running with non-loaded and the short running time.
1.According to the starting procedure, start and stop the machine, and the related systems must meet the technical requirment.
2.When the test-running, the duration of oscillation is not more than 15 times per minute for the movable jaw plates of jaw hammer coal crusher.
3.No unnormal shocking and periodic noise when the test-running.
4.The normal lubricating system of jaw coal crusher, 0.5-1.5kg/cm² feeding oil pressure, less than 50℃ thermometer for return oil.
The test-running of jaw hammer coal crusher has two methods: with some load and with non-loaded, in these situation,the normal running means its high quality, that means the crusher can run normally and will have the better production.