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The new rocks assist mining hammer coal crusher into a new era


Since 2010, in the world the infrastructure construction with large scale are carried out, that reatly boost the demand for building aggregate. And the prosperity of construction stone market directly promotes the development of all kinds of rock mine. The exploitation of rock mining construction provides new opportunities for the development of mining hammer coal crusher machinery.
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Building stone which is used in highway, railway, port, airport, nuclear power etc is necessary in the construction of infrastructure, such as building materials products, each new project construction must be several or even dozens of form a complete set of mining hammer coal crusher machines.
According to China's market economy, the survey study of special research center shows a lack of investment 10 million yuan only new rock mining by a demand for nearly 100 mining hammer coal crusher machines.
The specific information is listed as below:
A lack of investment of 10 million yuan new rock mining can bring two DTH drill demand, and it can promote the demand of 35 sets dump truck, ten cone crusher, 7 digger demand, can drive the 6 stage loader needs, 4 bench drill needs, more than 10 sets hammer coal crusher. In addition, it also pulls the number of air compressor, conveyor belt, pressure fan, vibrating screen, and the tanker truck etc.