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Hammer coal crusher lead the rapid development of road and bridge


The construction of road and bridge is the developing center of a city. More and more cities put construction of highway and high-speed railway into the important index of economic development. Therefore, the demand of ballast and concrete aggregate is rising. Sand aggregate sources mainly are pebbles, basalt, granite stone, mica, etc. Due to the new system hammer coal crusher process is relatively simple, and conveniently, and so it becomes one of the important applications of bridge.
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The hammer coal crusher, we also call it new hammer sand-making crusher. China Juxin Machinery put the advanced crushing principle into it, and the crushing principle is brought from Mark companies in the United States by China Juxin Machinery. Hammer coal crusher which adopt new crushing principle become the efficient sand making crusher with the domestic and international leading level.
China Juxin hammer coal crusher is not only widely used in highway, but also in mining, coal, energy, construction and other used sand department, mainly aimed at the hardness above the pebbles, rocks and granite, stone engraved stone crushing system such as sand. On the demand of the road and bridge construction, in view of the pebbles, basalt, granite, mica and other stone processing stone crushing in the industry is the preferred hammer sand-making crusher.
Compared with other sand-making crushers, the rate of qualifized final products is about 30% higher. Guard can use back up and down after partial wear, improve material utilization, improve the service life.
In the modular design of hammer head, the operater need to replace worn hammer head part of hammer coal crusher, which can reduce the cost of using more than 20%, greatly reduces the cost. The wear resistance of China Juxin sand-making crusher improves the quality of the new system sand machine, crushing strength increases the efficiency, and raise the material through capacity. That is to say that the development of China hammer coal crusher is a leap and breakthrough of the sand-making crusher industry in our country.