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The current situation of China's demostic mining machine industry


After years of groundwork and development, China has been the one of the world's mining crusher machinery production country and major markets. However, we still do not have our real position in the world's mining hammer coal crusher market. The technology with some differences and the national policy and financial system restricte the development and expansion of domestic enterprises.
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China mining crusher machine industry has two basic questions: 1.The comprehensive strength of China crusher machine industry is weak, especially for the research and develop new products, the new technology which replace old technology and operation management. 2.The variety kind of product, technology, quality and service are weak, that will cause the demostic and foreign customers disappearing.
3.In recent years, some enterprise just pay attention to their profits and have the rapid development in short time, they ignore the long-term development of the enterprises and market, that make the market very mess.4.The demostic enterprises do not have their own brand and the idea of long-term development.5.Although there are some new products(like: hammer coal crusher) and technology, but some of them do not pay more attention the enviromental protection, that's the dead reason that many erterprises can not have a good and stable development.
In view of the above problems, there are good methods to solve them gradually. With the contiunous development and transition, China mining hammer coal crusher machine industry are changeing gradually. In the period, some enterprises clearly recognize that the pure price competition can not help their good development.
The addation of lots of technical strength will make us to get more and more orders, and the optimizing of the production capacity will make us be in an impregnable position in the competition. Skilled and innovative technology research and development maintain the uniqueness of hammer coal crusher. In total word, Technology is the first productive force.