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The present developing status of China Juxin hammer coal crusher


Let's talk about the present developing status of China mining machine manufacturing industry: Mining machinery is the industry which is specialized in producing all kinds of mining machine(hammer coal crusher) and smelting machine. However, beause of the increasing demand for the development of economy and consumption and substantial profits is many enterprises flooded into the industry.
Competition in the domestic market and industry new product update speed slow, technology upgrade cycle is long is the stumbling block to the development of China Juxin hammer coal crusher machinery in the long run. 
How to make the domestic industry rapidly improve product value and improve technology content in order to promote the development of the industry to deal with foreign manufacturers pressure of competition. Domestic mining crusher machinery industry is facing the first solve the problem.
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1.Brand awareness: so-called brand consciousness is refers to a basic idea of enterprise of brand and brand construction, it is the comprehensive reflection of an enterprise's brand values, brand resource view, the concept of brand equity, brand competition, brand development, brand strategy and brand building. Brand awareness for China Juxin hammer coal crusher brand strategy, as it were, casting a strong brand provides a solid basis of rationality, the modern strategic consciousness for winning the competition leading enterprises in the economy.
2.Innovative consciousness: enterprise, only to have a career. Enterprise and innovation, and breakthrough. China Juxin crusher Machinery should from the pursuit of profit maximization to pursue the sustainable development of enterprises to change. Technology innovation and improve the content of science and technology, innovation, design a more efficient and energy saving high quality manufacturers of mining hammer coal crusher to boycott foreign flood in.
3.Patent consciousness: for research and practice of China Juxin Machinery intellectual property strategy, enterprise patent strategy is the strategy part of the source domain and the relatively mature. Using the law to protect their intellectual property, it is China crusher equipment enterprise must realize the problem.Patent, as an important part of the intellectual property rights, it plays an important role in the development of the enterprise, establish and improve the patent strategy.
For China Juxin hammer coal crusher machinery, patent consciousness is in market competition at home and abroad are the essential means to enhance the core competitiveness, the enterprise must grasp the situation as soon as possible, to master the rules, risk aversion, mastering the art of the patent protection of self-defense and winning formula, and the development of our hammer coal crusher is the key to the revitalization and driving the development of market economy strong.