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The important role of China hammer coal crusher in international mining engineering construction


Since reform and opening up of China's enconomy, China mining hammer coal crusher manufacture industry basicly achieved two big shifts, The first is from the generic type to the independent innovative product development; The second is from extensive to the efficiency of economic operation.
China mining hammer coal crusher manufacture industry has been through the developing path which introduced, digested and absorbed the advanced foreign technology, cooperative design and manufacturing, the independent design.
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Since the opening of the 2010 Shanghai world expo, there are more and more market needs for mining hammer coal crusher and other mining machines. At the same time, the market needs not onlt drive the economic growth of mining machinery manufacturing industry, but also promote the technical progress of the whole industry. 
As a representative of the mining machinery manufacturer in China, China Juxin crusher Machinery research and develop a number of major new crusher products with independent intellectual property rights, they made a positive contribution to the national economic construction, reduce the gap with advanced countries, improve the ability to participate in international competition. The most important, these new hammer coal crusher with independent intellectual property rights make China mining machine industry play an important role in international mining engineering construction.
China mining machinery manufacturing should get continuously into the outstanding achievements in every field. And China Juxin Machinery try our best to make our hammer coal crusher adapt to the need of the national economic development major, guided by the scientific outlook on development, achieve sustainable development.