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The world's largest bucket wheel excavator with the weight of 45000 tons


According to the English <<Daily Mail>> reported, a photographer found a "big monster"--bucket wheel excavator  in kazakhstan coal mine. From the appearance point of view, the "big monster" has large size, it's weighing 45000 tons, and which is about the height of the 4 floors.
The world's largest saw near the Bogatyr coal on a heavy duty machine. Bogatyr coal mine is the world's largest coal mine, near kazakhstan base figure in bath.
bucket wheel excavator
It is understood that the "big monster" is called bucket wheel excavator, it has wonderful device and exquisite design, and it was installed in the front of its huge rotors. The diameter of the rotors is up to 12m. The whole machine body weight of 45000 tons. Its outer edge of the "big monster" is a series of ladle or barrel device, through the conveyor belt to complete the coal loading and unloading. This machine has a strong operational capability--an hour to 4500 tons of coal. Can clear all the obstacles ahead, even high mine.
biggest bucket wheel excavator
However, its making cost is about 66 million pounds, the entire machine operation need 27 miners together. The big size makes it very slow, every 3 hours it only goes forward 1 mile (1.6 kilometers).
The bucket wheel excavator is found by the Russian photographer Alexander popov who is 34 years old. His task is to take some photos about kazakhstan mining, but he took the "big monster" accident. He said: "in the past I have seen a lot of large machinery and equipment, but I do not have never seen such a monster. I'll put it as a part of my job. When I was near it, I can't believe it was a miracle. Although I am not scared of it, but a fear of heart."
kazakhstan coal mine bucket wheel excavator
Kazakhstan Bogatyr coal annually produces 40 million tons of coal, 40% of export coal. And in 1985, the mine have broke the Guinness World Records to become the world's largest coal minerals, it produce coal 056.8 million tons that year.