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China Juxin hammer coal crusher also surf the internet


In the face of the network shopping era, the network marketing is a full-new  marketing pattern for mining crusher machine. So China Juxin hammer coal crusher also surf the internet.
In terms of marketing model, the network marketing is imperative. The successful network marketing case is beyond count, it can easily control the cost, and the public internet information reduce the number of employees. So the network marketing.
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With the aid of network means for service is an integral part of the network marketing. With the help of a network platform, makers and accessories factory can be more convenient to provide service for the user.  I've heard a lot of complaints of after-sales service personnel, and users in product failure, because do not understand the jargon or don't know the cause of the problem, the first requirement is to reach the scene.

Some question is very simple, but the fault site of hammer coal crusher has hundreds of kilometers away from service stations, to run a trip is really too hard. With web services platform, users can common problems listed in the first aid on the network, later if have, you can also take the form of video to guide the maintenance, can also provide the user with the recent site maintenance and accessories sales company.
At present, on the Internet, the customers can search to various enterprises of hammer coal crusher, but not invariably marked price.  Actually,  this kind "hide" and no practical significance. For the user or competitors, they will get the price of hammer coal crusher very easily, as long as to inquire the dealers, agents or manufacturers businesses, can get relevant information, and they can even get preferential information. 
If the manufacturer have some concerns, first start from the used phones. Because the salvage value estimate is different, no comparability between China crusher, the price is also different. For many manufacturers, the operating is more easier. When this buiness of hammer coal crusher is relatively mature, then introduces the concept of network marketing to the new product sales of mining hammer coal crusher.