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The secret energy-saving for the GREEN diesel engine of hammer coal crusher


The hammer coal crusher with GREEN diesel engine is more and more popular among the sand-making production plant. Maybe many people will say "WHY?". As the matter of fact, its popularity mainly owes to its GREEN diesel engine. The GREEN diesel engine is one of method to make the mining hammer coal crusher more and more energy-efficient.
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Compared with the traditional driving system--motor, the GREEN diesel engine of hammer coal crusher has the features of excellent comfort and environmental protection. So at present, the share of Green diesel engine in the European market has reached more than 50%.
And the GREEN diesel engine has been the best choice for mining hammer coal crusher in China Juxin Machinery. China Juxin Machinery do not blindly follow the trend of European GREEN diesel engine, we value its technology and some amazing superiorities. 
Through the ECU control, the modern GREEN diesel engine of hammer coal crusher can realize the flexible adjustment of fuel pressure, that makes the GREEN diesel engine can provide the most appropriate fuel pressure and achieve the best effect of combustion.