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How to reduce or eliminate the noise pollution of hammer coal crusher


The huge noise form hammer coal crusher can damage the health of the operater and the working conditions. For the good health of the operater and the good working conditions, China Juxin Machinery have been pursuing the best method to reduce or eliminate the noise pollution of hammer coal crusher.
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1.The huge noise of hammer coal crusher. Firstly, the operater should check the right place of crusher machine, the liner's bolts. If so, the bolts will hit the housing, so there are the noise.
2.After removing the blocks, the operater can solve the problems through external and internal two ways. The internal method means that the antifriction bearing replace the sliding bearing of the driving system; at the same time, the operater should use the lubricating oil for hammer coal crusher, taht can efficiently ensure the less frication between the connected parts, then start the hammer coal crusher very easily and the noise will be removed largely.
3.The design of isolation booth. When conditions permit, the engineer can design an isolation booth for hammer coal crusher, and that will have the good sound insulation. But the operater should pay more attention to these questions: monitoring, indoor thermal and maintenance for China crusher.
4.The changment of the liners. In China Juxin Mchinery, the engineer of hammer coal crusher say that the liner is chageable, for reduce or eliminate the noise, the customers can ask the manufacture change the liners with rubber materials, not the liners with high manganese steel materials.
China Juxin Machinery remind you that every single method can not deal with the noisy pollution, we advice the customer choose the combination of several methods  as your matter of fact.