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China Juxin crusher easily crush ore raw materials with higher hardness


Different crusher can crush different ore raw materials, and the crushing of ore raw materials is based on some factors: 1)the type of raw materials;2)its higher hardness, silicon content and moisture content;3)the average feeding size;4)the size of the final product, the proportion of different discharge size and the purpose of final product;5)the capacity per hour.
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Basalt, granite, limestone and river stone is with higher hardness and silicon content, so in the crushing process, they're difficult to crush by crusher, we also say that they belong to the materials with high crushing costs. As a professional crusher manufacture, China Juxin know the ore raw materials very well, basalt is the ore with higher hardness and tenacity, and granite is the hard but crisp materials, but the hardness of river stone is lower than basalt and granite, its silicon content is higher. So the crushing process for these ore materials is very moderate, China Juxin pay more attention to the Investment and production cost.
In the actual crushing process, jaw crusher is used for crushing limestone raw materials, and the loss of jaw plates is very low, so its service life for jaw plate of China Juxin crusher can reach 12 months, beause the hardness of limestone is very low, and its silicon content is also lower. So limestone raw materials can not wear the quick-wear parts of China Juxin crusher.
For crushing basalt, granite and others, the jaw plate, hammer plate and impact plate are easily damaged, so the investment cost is higher than the prodcution cost. For the design of the crushing process, China Juxin Machinery adopt the crushing machine with laminated principle to reduce the damagement of quick-wear parts. If customer request the shape of final product, on the basis of jaw crusher, China Juxin can design impact crusher to shpe the final product. For the stone crushing plant with Long-term operation, China Juxin tertiary crushing process will bring them more and more benifits.
For crushing basalt, granite and river stone, China Juxin Machinery also configure two-stage crushing design: jaw crusher(the first crushing machine)and impact crusher(the second crushing machine), although the damagement of hammer plate and impact plate is very higher, the investment for the customers is lower. China Juxin Machinery have been concentrating on the R&D of new crushing design with less crusher and more production.