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The innovating efforts are the impetus of China Juxin mining hammer coal crusher


Compared with the international advanced technology, the technology of China hammer coal crusher is matched very much. The technology of China Juxin crusher bring in the foreign advanced technology and strong under the cooperation with foreign advanced technology and achieved good results, after constantly digestion and absorption.
At present, the technical level of most imported products is top, such as large efficient separation equipment, some crushing and grinding equipment and other products. So hammer coal crusher in China Juxin Machinery, we must strength out innovation efforts.
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SLOW is the developing speed of hammer coal crusher:
In the process of industrialization, the production of hammer coal crusher is as services, China mining crushing manufacture must have a bigger development. This is historical opportunity of the development of the mining machinery industry in our country, but the science and technology foundation of China Juxin mining machinery is not very thick.
Since China's reform and opening up, the field of mining machinery is exchanging market with technology as the main way to improve the level of product technology, but also it will face the foreign competitors, especially foreign competitors in the domestic set up factories to invest some of the tough situation, but also stimulate me to domestic industry, the development of some experts predict, the developing speed of the mining hammer coal crusher will slow down, so now consider post-industrial era mining machinery at home and abroad, the demand of the market too early.
Improve the ability of mining machinery industry innovation way:
In the current mining crusher machinery, various business process design is still relatively weak, in addition to its own conditions good professional organization power as soon as possible into development, China Juxin Machinery should also be positive with foreign advanced level of enterprises to establish various forms of joint.
Set up as soon as possible, add some advantages of professional applications laboratory, products, manufacturing technology and process technology application technology research. This is a weak link in China Juxin machinery. We must be based on the practical, including the test theory, method, equipment etc. As a professional manufacture for mining hammer coal crusher, China Juxin Machinery have to market the introduction of foreign advanced technology.