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How to control the noise from ball mill production?


The ball mill is a large mechanical equipment for crushing material in chemical, thermal power, metallurgy, cement and other companies. High noise, ball mill work band width, transmission distance, the greater the impact, not only the workers cannot bear, but also forma serious pollution to the surrounding environment. For environmental protection is more and more important today, it is the urgent to control noise the ball mill management.

The ball mill noise mainly from three aspects; one is the steel ball and the steel ball rolling cylinder, ball and cylinder, mechanical noise and materials after hitting the ball to each other; two is the mechanical meshing noise of gear transmission in some cases; three is the electromagnetic noise of motor and exhaust noise. In order to decrease the equipment noise, control management and engineering measures for comprehensive management, management cost is simple and useful, and it did not have much impact on the original of the technical performance indicators of ball mill, work safety, normal maintenance, maintenance and repair are convenient and have achieved outstanding effect of noise reduction.
Comprehensive management method for noise of ball mill:
1, strengthen the repair and management of the ball mill, ball mill in disrepair with the wrong case, the noise will increase. Thus strengthening the daily maintenance of the mill, repair of noise will reduce its work caused.
2, Reasonable placement or adjust the layout of the device, the side of the fence all changed into the ball mill sound insulation screen activities, such not only can absorb the noise of the ball mill, but also can play acoustic, maintenance and repair personnel. Other workers will be changed into the duty room sound insulation room, sound insulation room near the installation of sound insulation board.
3, Reduce working hours and intensity of noise: damage and contact time, workers can adopt changes work system, it will work one day three class to four class. Other acceptable points adopt their own protective measures in noise on duty workers, commonly used anti sound with earplugs, sound proof cotton this way, the helmet, which is economical and useful.