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The method of increasing the tooth roller abrasion resistance


 Crusher roll shaft is composed by roller ring and roller tooth, which is composed of a pair of toothed rollers, two roller level is arranged on the machine frame, and the active front roller and a rear roller driven to rotate in the opposite direction, the material from the feed port into the fall on the roller, the roller teeth bite and broken.

1. To increase the hardness of the material using the machine roller ZG35 quenching and tempering treatment, and the tooth plate on the surfacing layer of 5-8mm wear resistant materials.
2. Welding on the surface of tooth. Because of the material with high manganese alloy steel, welding performance is relatively poor. We require the technical content of the surfacing to improve standards. Which is important to choose a good electrode on the roll tooth welding processing 5~15mm.
3. Reasonable distribution of high and low gear. Because of the abnormal wear of tooth, all teeth are ground into the same height, the specific location we have also been unable to distinguish the original high and low gear teeth. We can according to the principle of quantity and layout of high and low gear teeth, making distribution plan, and in high gear where good marks, in order to accurate construction in welding.
4. First of all, the tooth plate removed and put well on a flat platform. The surface to be welded. After polishing by DC electric welding machine, welding line here reverse. Then control the welding layer at a temperature of 100 DEG C, layered welding to the required thickness, thickness control in 1.5-2mm.