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How to fix the broken shaft of the cone crusher?


 Cone crusher is a crushing equipment commonly used in production. In the production operation process, broken shaft is a common fault in the spindle. Frequent breaks, will not only affect the normal production, but also increase the daily maintenance and repair work. According to the fault, this paper analyzes the cause of the failure, and find the solution methods. A detailed analysis of the fracture of the main shaft and the measures to solve the problems such as below.

According to the analysis, in the long run process of the crusher, there are three common causes: the quality of the mainshaft of the spindle, external factors, main shaft fatigue fracture. For the former, according to the actual situation of appropriate material selection of spindle, ensure the normal external influence factors, it can avoid the problem. But for the spindle fracture third, the reason is the feeding side, so that the material in the crushing cavity is not evenly distributed, resulting in the crushing cavity bottom load uneven, resulting in impact load, the impact force of the spindle periodically in the eccentric rotation of the spindle, the spindle by repeated folding, resulting in fatigue fracture. For third reasons that can be modified to solve the problem of fracture of the spindle of the crusher. The baffle plate is arranged in the feed hopper, adjust material free fall height, and adjust the frame beam and the feeding direction is parallel, and as far as possible To keep the crusher packed to the material (packed to the material can make the crusher to play the maximum production capacity).
Through the improvement of these measures, make the material along the crushing chamber has been uniformly distributed around, greatly improve the spindle stress condition, working environment and equipment running status can be improved significantly. After the improvement, the equipment