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It is very important to do a good job in lubricating the ore crusher.


We all know that the stone crusher in the operation process, in contact with the surface of the relative motion will produce friction phenomena to a certain extent. In order to overcome these frictions, we need to consume some power, which will lead to the decrease of crusher production efficiency. For the ore crushing machine, the friction power blasting machine into heat. Therefore, during the production, it will have a negative impact on the operation of equipment, and is one of the causes of friction parts wear.

After in-depth research, in order to improve this situation, the time after verification, in order to improve the crusher parts surface friction phenomenon, the most effective method of shot blasting machine is do a good job in lubrication on the reasonable crusher, reasonable good lubrication can not only can improve the crusher work efficiency, but also can effectively prolong the service life of the parts to ensure the completion of the work better crusher is safe and efficient.

As we all know, stone crusher often works in a relatively harsh environment. Therefore, it often need the good lubrication. It’s important to ensure lubrication system unblocked, if the oil is clean, no leakage of oil leakage phenomenon, these are normal the operation for stone crusher work. When the machine is in normal operation, we will strictly comply with the standard operating procedures in addition to the regular timing of stone crusher to do maintenance, it is very important to do the work to add lubricating oil in the system.