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Low Price but high efficency mobile Stone Crushing Unit


Now along with the market's need, many customers has a problem that they don't want to fix the stone crushing line on one place. They want to move the complete stone crushing unit to different places easily. But if these machines are fixed on the ground, when customers want to move them,  it will have a big work and it is easy to damage the machines when disassemble.

Now our company recommend a mobile stone crushing unit, the mobile stone crushing unit is designed based on the original stone crushing line, we add the mobile chassis for all machines, it means each machine of stone crushing line are put on a mobile truck or mobile chassis. Generally, the mobile stone crushing unit can be customized according to customer's need. We can make different configuration to meet different production requirement.

For example, if the customer want to make sand, we can put vibrating feeder, sand maker, vibrating screen and belt conveyor on a mobile chassis.
If the customer only want to crush stones to be small size(gravel around 30mm), we can put vibrating feeder, jaw crusher or impact, vibrating screen and some belt conveyors on a mobile chassis.

Pls check the below picture, it is a configuration we made before.

You can see the picture of mobile stone crushing unit, because all machines are fixed on the mobile chassis, when it works, you can put the complete crushing unit in production site. When works are finished here, you can easily move the whole unit to another production site. Compare with original fixed stone crushing line, you don’t need to do much work to remove each machines, and when arrival to another production site, you also don’t need to re-install them.

Therefore, now the mobile stone crushing unit is popular in sand stone production plant, it is not only easy to move, actually, its price is low also, because in production process, it can save much cost for customers, like transport cost, installation cost, etc.

If you are interested in the low price mobile stone crushing unit, pls contact us anytime and tell us the below information:
1.What is the raw materials? Because the materials kinds will affect machine’s type we will choose.
2.What is the max size of raw materials? You know, the max size will affect machine’s model we will choose.
3.What is the final output size you need? We need the information then we can know if one stone crusher can meet the need so that saving cost for you.
4.What is the capacity you need? The information is important, because only we know the capacity you need, can we can make the final solution for your project.