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The advantages of double rotor fine crusher in sand making plant


 Double rotor fine crusher also is called doubel stages hammer crusher or double rotor sand maker. It is usally as secondary crusher to get the fine sand. 

As we all know, in market there are many sand making machine, but the double rotor fine crusher has its special features in sand making plant.  
So compared with other sand maker, what is its advantages?
1. Our double rotor fine crusher has two motors which installed on two sides of the machine, so when the double rotor crusher working, it is very balance, it doesn't have a big shake and noise.
2. From the machine's name, we can know it has two rotors, it means the double rotor fine crusher has two crushing chambers, the materials into the first crushing chamber, after crushing, then fall down the next crushing chamber, so it can make sure the materials can be crushed fully and get the small size of sand.
3. The machine shell of the double rotor fine crusher is controlled by hydraulic way, when you need to maintain the machine or any breakdown, you can open the machine shell easily. It don't need much manpower.
4. Its the discharging size can be asjusted by user, at present, we have two ways to adjust its discharging size. One is reducing or adding its hammerheads quantity, the hammerhead is installed on rotors, if you want to get fine sand, you can use full hammerheads, but if you don't need very fine sand, you can remove some hammerheads from rotors according to your need, then you will get some bigger sand.  Another way is that we can equip frequency converter for two motors, then you can adjust the speed of motors, when speed the motors are big, the products will be fine, when their speed is small, the products will be big.
5. The most important advantage is that compared with other sand makers, for the same capacity, its cost is low and in future production process, its maintain cost is low also. 
So the double rotor fine crusher is worth your choice for your sand making plant, it can take you good benefit in short term.